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Project Description

ManPowerEngine is a Silverlight 2D Game Engine. It has an game application framework and supports game object hierarchy management, 2D physics simulation and sound playback. ManPowerEngine is built by Team ManPower at Centre for Digital Media, Great Northern Way Campus.


Please feel free to download the lastest binary release or source release.

About ManPower

We are a group of first- and second-year graduate students at the Centre for Digital Media at Great Northern Way Campus in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Our team is composed of students from China, India, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the US, and includes a skill-set ranging from programmers to graphic designers, producers and project managers. We are a game development team working with David Eaves, Open Data Vancouver, and VanMaps to create a project that showcases the power of Silverlight and the Bing Maps API for Microsoft Canada.

Team ManPower is also developing a game based on ManPowerEngine. For more information about this project, please visit

Latest Updates

Version 0.1 Release
  1. Sound System added.
  2. Bitmap Collider in Physics System works now.
  3. Improved the performance of HTTP download in images
  4. Physics Framework Improved. Collision Response now calculates after calculating force.
  5. Minor fixes in Utilities/Vector.cs.

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